Board Governance

  • Assessing needs and delivering Board training & facilitation
  • Helping organizations develop compelling and inspiring Mission, Vision and Values
  • Developing policies and procedures that clarify governance roles, accountabilities and communications
  • Building consistent behaviours and sound practices to sustain the organization into the future
  • Creating job descriptions and terms of reference for Boards, Directors and committees
  • Conducting workshops and webinars


Strategic Planning

  • Working with boards, senior staff and key stakeholders to facilitate/create 3-5 year plans and develop monitoring processes/tools
  • Working with Senior Staff to empower other Staff to implement, measure and report progress on the plan, cross-agency


Organizational Development & Restructuring

  • Assessing needs and identifying structural/relational impediments
  • Facilitating efforts to restructure and transform organizational structure, staff duties and accountabilities
  • Reviewing/revising organizational policies to align with new structure



  • Identifying communications barriers between Board and Staff, within the Board or within Staff groups or with key stakeholders


Team Building

  • Recognizing that a board or a staff team is like a complex machine. Each cog, each gear, each pin plays an important role
  • Assessing the unique team role strengths that individual members contribute, to design productive, effective teams


Wondering where to start? Use our Principles and Practices Checklist