Professional Development

Career Navigation

Navigating a new or existing career or landing a new job are daunting tasks, but we at People Exchange are equipped with the resources to best prepare you to reach your goals. Whether you are a new grad just entering your field, someone who is interested in transitioning to a new career or are trying to move your way up the ladder at your current company, we use our experience and expertise to assist you through the process to get what you want. With more than two decades of experience hiring talent for companies, we know what hiring managers are looking for. We are equipped with the knowledge to guide you through everything from perfecting your resume, interview preparation to effective networking as well as having the critical conversations necessary to achieve the success you’re looking for. Our goal is to provide you with the information and resources you need to ensure you are prepared to meet these challenges head-on.

Dealing with a Termination

Facing a termination or an unplanned departure can be especially frightening if you are unsure of where to turn or what your entitlement rights may be. These situations are never easy, but we can work with you to make sure the transition is a little simpler by guiding you through your rights as a terminated employee. Our services can provide you with some peace of mind during an otherwise unsteady time by positioning you to make positive choices, getting you back on your feet and steered in the right direction in your career.

One-on-one Coaching

At People Exchange, we believe that personal goals and professional development are intrinsically linked, and that’s why we apply a tailored approach to our individual coaching. Whether you need help finding the right resources to get your business off the ground, or are wondering how to approach your boss about a promotion, we can work with you to create realistic strategies that will support you in mapping and developing your career development so that you are prepared to fulfill your unique professional goals.